Know Your Worth



A couple of weeks ago I went to a panel discussion organised by the brilliant The Women's Chapter

The Know Your Worth event was hosted by Claire Cohen, Telegraph Women Editor @clairecohen, Emma Sinclair MBE @ES_Entrepreneur, Ann Franke @cmi_ceo, and Hannah Ford @stevens_bolton.

As can be expected there was a fair amount of discussion regarding gender pay gaps but I wanted to find out more about how you can #knowyourworth as an entrepreneur and business owner. These are a few of the gems I picked up on the night: 

- Think carefully about your tribe - there is strength in numbers (if you surround yourself with the right people). Can you have a WhatsApp group with other leaders? 

- Play the social media "game" and create a strong personal brand. 

- Fake it till you make it! Or in my mind, I prefer to have a vision of myself the way I want to be and I "act" that vision if I'm not feeling it - we all have days like that! 

- Keep an achievement log (this is very useful if you are in a corporate environment and want to negotiate pay and promotion).

- When negotiating - use silence. Say what you need to then shut up and let your statement hang, it's very effective. 


How do you #KnowYourWorth ?