Everything You Say And Do Is PR

I went to a great awards dinner last week, but I do admit to having witnessed some PR blunders during the evening. Anyone who knows me will know that I like a party and love to chat and meet people. Awards evenings are great for catching up with contacts and clients, celebrating with your staff, and meeting new people. Yes, we should all have a great time - but we also need to be aware that it is first and foremost a professional event and EVERYTHING YOU SAY AND DO IS PR.

I don't like to be a party-pooper (I've always wanted to say poop in a blog - it will entertain my 6 year old)  but there is a time and place for everything. This is my (slightly tongue-in-cheek)  guide to how to deal with awards nights like a pro….


  • If you drink, please be careful! Make sure if you are nominated for an award that you are able to make a great acceptance speech that is short and to the point. It's polite to the organisers and the sponsors to be prepared and thankful. Save your extra beer for after ;-)

  • If you ask someone to attend on your behalf the make sure its someone who will represent your business professionally - they will be remembered as being part of your company

  • Be nice about other businesses, especially competitors. Be generous. You never know when a competitor might become a collaborator. 

  • Not everyone will share your sense of humour - if you are not sure, don’t say it. Or if you can't judge that then use the “if you wouldn't say it in front of your mum - don’t say it in public” rule


Dress up - be glam - have fun - represent your business professionally!