Travel.....My Tips

Being a mum can turn into a huge list of stuff to feel guilty about. Being a working mum adds to this list for many ladies and I’d love to encourage you to ditch the guilt once and for all. We are all doing the best we can aren't we? Yes we are...


I love to travel and to meet people. It’s something I still do as part of my job despite 3 small people being at home. For me it's an important part of my job, and yes when I call home I do get a little twinge of guilt for leaving them behind but I think it does us all good. I make the most of my time away to have some space to think about work and home stuff and to plan - and I get A LOT of work done. The kids get to cope without me for a couple of days which does them good and helps them be a bit more independent. I feel I'm better when I get home as I've spent a bit of time away refreshing.


But travelling as a woman on your own can be lonely and a bit scary. I especially found this when I started travelling again once I’d had the kids. These are my tips for travel on your own - staying safe and happy.




  • I do invariably forget one small thing at home when I go away (normally to pack my toothpaste…) but I start prep a week in advance with lists, filling the freezer with food and checking the washing has been done (or leaving a note for what must be washed)

  • Make sure everyone knows where you will be and when

  • Make sure everyone knows where they need to be and when

  • Make the most of your time and plan your meetings/ work well


Choosing somewhere to stay


  • As a woman travelling on my own, I do tend to be careful where I stay. I am much happier in a nice environment and you will find your family are happier too. I need Wi-Fi that works brilliantly, flexibility, good locations and an upmarket ambience in case I need to meet client. If you are a regular traveller try staying in the same place as you start to get to know the staff - which makes it feel more comfortable if you are a little lonely. You might get regular stayer discounts too.

  • I recommend They tick all the boxes for me and even don't blink an eye when I walk around in bare feet to get my coffee early in the morning….


Take some time out to refresh (and have some fun!)


  • Make the most of being away and do take a little time out to refresh and relax - you know when you get home there will be a HUGE list of jobs to do so take a breather in between meetings (and you get to watch what you want on TV for a night too)


Enjoy your time away!