The CEOS Guide to PR - What the Hell is PR Anyway?

You may have a marketing department, and perhaps a social media and comms function too -  but do you need a PR?


First things first, what the hell is PR anyway? It’s all about building great reputation. Everything you say and do is PR. The steps normally taken are:


  • Deciding what you want to be known as/what you want people to talk about


  • Deciding who you want to see/hear this info (who is your customer)?


  • Work out the best way for that to happen – what do these customers read/watch/listen to?


  • Putting together a great story/angle/opinion piece


  • Getting it to the right journalist


  • Following up and setting up interviews


  • Making sure the campaign is featured on social media and in newsletters and other marketing communications by liaising with other marketing and comms staff


  • Measuring the results of a campaign and to be ready for future campaigns


Do you need a specific PR expert to work with you? You won’t be surprised that I think you do. You certainly need someone who has the right connections and who can see the right opportunities for your company. It’s not a "dark art", but it takes time to sharpen the conversational, observational and commercial skills that a good PR requires.