The Subtle Art of Swearing....

Is it me or does it seem like you have to write a book with a f**k on the front cover these days? Don’t get me wrong, they are some great books out there. I particularly like the idea of a f**k list by the way........

But are we heading for swearing overload? Now as a PR you might think that I have a strict no swearing rule. And that I impose this rule on my clients too. Well you would be right - most of the time. Lazy swearing really annoys me as there is no need for bad and lazy language. You know the sort, a f*** or b****** every other word. But well used swearing as part of well crafted language is another thing entirely. In certain circumstances it is acceptable and evidence shows it’s good for us. Take a look at this article - and also look at the Emma Byrne website if you want to find out more.

This is when swearing is a bad idea:

  • On TV

  • On radio

  • On social media - just don’t do it PLEASE. It’s too risky. Your clients or potential clients could see it. Really. Oh yes and you know when you think you have a private profile? It probably isn’t - the risk of information leaks are really high….

  • In front of your mum

My rule is if you wouldn’t say it to your gran then don’t say it or write it. Well actually my gran was pretty liberal but you know what I mean………

Happy Christmas and New Year….