Book Review - The Jelly Effect

The Jelly Effect - Brilliant Communications Tips

The book I’ve read most recently in the The Jelly Effect - How To Make Communications Stick, by Andy Bounds

The first thing to say is that it’s the kind of book I like as you can dip in and out of it and read in detail the sections that apply best to you and your challenges.

The overarching theme is telling people a load of irrelevant information is like chucking a bucket of jelly over them in the hope that something will stick.

The next theme is the AFTERS - audiences don’t care what you say - they only care about what they are left with after you’ve said it.

What I will do is go through my favourite topics and tips here for you and leave you to go and read the book yourselves.

  • The aim of your networking is to arrange to have a cup of coffee with a big fish, on a subsequent date. Your big fish could be be potential customers, potential suppliers, potential recommenders and the guest list

  • The best question to ask at networking events is “what professions are good contacts for you?”

  • Prepare for presentations using the RAP method: Results - what do you want to achieve, Audience - what are they like?, Preparation - only do this once you know the first two areas

  • Every single product is bought because of what the customers are left with AFTER they bought it - e.g. you will buy a lamp because you want light

  • Your customers want problem solvers (not technicians)

  • A referral is a personal recommendation, to someone you don’t know but who is your target, that target is expecting AND is looking forward to it

That is a very quick pick of the best tips - for more info take a look at Andy’s website