Space and Creativity

The need for space for creativity to flourish

Back to school and many a mum is relieved. I'm one of those 'annoying' ones who love the holidays but I do like to get back to my usual routine. Despite my kid's brilliance in the office I find it incredibly difficult to write or create strategy with a full house. This summer has made me realise how important space is for creativity. Personally l like a bit of background noise so I'm happy to work in a cafe or shared space but I have my favourites. There needs to be some physical space between tables and also some comfort - lack of clutter without feeling cold. Temperature is also key for me as I'm distracted by cold feet and get cold quickly when I'm sitting. I often take my slippers around with me.....

10 days ago my dad sadly passed away and again the need for space has risen to the forefront of my mind. Space both to come to terms with the loss and also to carry on with the things that make me happy. 

Writers often say they need to be in a particular place to be inspired but perhaps it's the space they are craving?