Summer Holiday Madness

So it's already August - season of well-earned breaks, fruitful family time, and slight nostalgia. Lots of my 'mumpreneur' friends are taking a back seat this month, and who can blame them? They deserve it! I have to take my clients' needs on board though, as well as my own wishes, so this year I'm combining my busy work life and my quality kid-time.

It's not always easy but it's working out so far. My eldest children take on small tasks in the office, as well as the important job of providing hilarious light relief when they decide to join my Skype conversations...well, somebody's got to do it. Handily enough, they accept Lego as payment, so it's a win-win. It's all about embracing the chaos.

Then, pretty soon, we'll be going into September. A slight wistfulness for the end of the season starts to set in, and of course that 'back to school' feeling. I love it so much, I just want to run out and buy myself a new pencil case - anybody else feeling it? Actually, I'm so organised this year, I've already got mine, and yes, it's a unicorn one. If you know me that won't surprise you one bit.

I love this time of year, this slight pause - it's like a halftime break (except for me, this year, without the break.) Looking back to review the first part - what worked well, what needs to be developed... what I should do more of - or not!  

Plus, of course, there are extra cuddles with the kids to keep me going - and it's great for ice cream!