Time Tracking; Part Two

Some of you will know that I've recommended the books by Laura Vanderkam in the past. They really help me juggle my life and loves. But just when you think you have a routine sorted, everything can change.

What is plan A one week isn't going to work for ever. I've become flexible at being flexible and time tracking helps that.
The year has started really well for me and busily - it can be really easy to feel like you are on a treadmill that won't stop. You have to purposely stop it and take a breath.
Currently I am writing this early in the morning whilst the house is quiet having just done some work on a press release. Last night I took myself off to a race (running!) and it was a nice night off for me. I used to feel guilty for taking time out but now I'm better at nurturing myself self in the knowledge that I can take a few hours out for me and make up the time later. There are 168 hours in a week after all. I get to choose how to use them.
The only thing I have to make sure of is that I plan ahead what work I am doing in each of my work time slots - then I use my available time to its maximum.
Now I'm off to read Running Fitness....