Thank You 2016!

Its taken me a few weeks to come up with the right words for goes....

I have a lot of friends who will be glad to see the back of 2016 - for good reasons. Severe illness or losing loved ones is tough. You know who you are and I really hope that 2017 brings you some much needed peace. Life throws all sorts of “stuff” at us, it's what it is all about, and luckily most of us are blessed with friends who will help us through.


For me I am thankful for 2016. It really was a year of learning for me. I pushed myself beyond what I realised I could do and that gives me great confidence going into this year. Not only in a professional sense but also personally. From a work point of view I have the confidence to walk into a situation that pushes me and my abilities and to embrace the opportunity it gives me. OK it’s hard - but that's fine by me. From a sports perspective I am very lucky to be involved in a fantastic running club. Dursley Running Club I love you! After a life in professional equestrian sport to find another sport that gives me as much fun and pleasure is amazing for me. It so refreshing to once more set sports related goals and even to overcome sports related problems that come up.  I have done things I never knew I could do and have started to make friendships with some fantastic people who are becoming an important part of my life. We have a shared love of the outdoors and the way that running helps us to make sense of our lives. It's also tremendous fun!


My plans for 2017

Keep it simple

Have adventures

Work smart