Distance and Perspective

I love my home and work life but I also love to travel with work. Creating a physical distance from my work space allows me to look at my clients and business with a freshness that is can be hard to find in the general day to day chaos. It also helps to rekindle creativity. 


As I arrived at my hotel room last night I looked forward to spending two hours organising my work schedule and planning the next few weeks as well as a catch up on some emails. Pizza, wine and a good show on the TV completed my perfect scenario for a CEO “power hour” and I loved having everything spread out on the bed. With no interruptions, I relaxed and found that some new ideas came to me. Its hard to be creative in a normal busy day to day environment. To be creative, you need space. Perhaps this is why many great books and novels have bee written in hotel rooms. 


Travelling to another city or country can be very inspirational and gives a new perspective on life. This is also crucial in a creative role. Whilst I’m not an artist with paints and pictures, I do pride myself on being creative when devising PR plans and writing for my clients. I frequently feel the need to nurture my creative soul. This can be as simple as taking a walk or a run, but its is also important to me to visit new places and to spend some relaxed and calm time alone. With a full house, often my travel time is my only alone time. A time to reconnect with what is important. 


End: When I am done, I can’t wait to get back home to the bustle of the energy that awaits me. Fully refreshed and ready for action.